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CV/Resume Tips

By Alexander An on July 30th, 2022

1) Professional Style

  • Font size around 12 pts, not too small or too big

  • Font style should be consistent, readable, and clear such as Arial or Times New Roman

  • One-inch margin size; if there is too much white space, increase margin size up to 1.75

  • Use active language such as "achieved", "reviewed", or "analyzed" to help communicate effectively and eliminate unnecessary words

2) Relevant Information

  • Include relevant key words relating to the job or internship at the start of the resume to catch the recruiters' eyes 

  • Incorporate work experience, skills, and achievements relating to the position

  • Emphasize your most recent experiences which can include leadership role in industry related clubs at school, research projects at your pharmacy or hospital/volunteer work

3) Previous Work Experience

  • Use metrics and numbers to describe achievements - they are easy for recruiters to see

  • Talk about number of publications or poster presentations at conferences

  • Format should be in an "ABC resume" style where "A" describes what you achieved, "B" describes how the achievement was measured, and "C" describes what you did


4) Unique Resume

  • Traditional resumes are chronological and usually one page in length

  • Look into the standard resume in the particular industry you are applying to and follow that format

  • If an unique resume is permitted in the positions you are interested in, you can be creative

5) Proofread

  • Make sure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes 

  • Third-parties such as peers and mentors can review your resume

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