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PharmD Spotlight

Check out some interviews with industry pharmacy professionals!

PharmD Spotlight Sagar Parekh-1.png

Sagar Parekh, PharmD

Oncology Brand Marketing Post-Doctoral Fellow at Janssen Pharmaceuticals

PharmD Spotlight Ryan Babakhani-1.png

Ryan Babakhani, PharmD, MS

Value & Evidence Strategy Fellow at Beam Therapeutics

PharmD Spotlight Kamran Khan-1.png

Kamran Khan, PharmD

Medical & Commercial Regulatory Affairs Fellow at Ipsen

PharmD Spotlight Breanna Failla-1.png

Breanna Failla, PharmD, RPh

Global Scientific Communications/Global Medical Education at Organon

Luke Minnich, PharmD, MBA, RPh

Medical Science Liaison at Jazz Pharmaceuticals

PharmD Spotlight Lauren Snader-1.png

Lauren Snader, PharmD

Pharmacy Informaticist at Omnicell

PharmD Spotlight Kevin Darko-1.png

Kevin Darko, PharmD

Global Regulatory Affairs Fellow at UCB

PharmD Spotlight Sarah Govender-1.png

Sarah Govender, PharmD

Global Clinical Operations Fellow at Novartis/RPIF

PharmD Spotlight HeeJae Choi-1.png

HeeJae Choi, PharmD, RPh

Trial Clinical Pharmacologist at Boehringer Ingelheim

Laith Ghonim, PharmD

Medical Affairs Fellow at Abbott

PharmD Spotlight Chloe Grace Rose-1.png

Chloe Grace Rose, PharmD

HEOR Fellow at UIC/Pfizer

PharmD Spotlight Daniel Wong-1.png

Daniel Wong, PharmD

US Oncology Market Access Strategy Senior Manager at

PharmD Spotlight Julian Garcia-1.png

Julian Garcia, PharmD

Postdoctoral Fellow US Medical/Medical Science Liaison: Neurology at Sanofi

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